Learning modern foreign languages in the UK

CeLM is involved in a number of projects to support and promote the learning of modern foreign languages at all levels of education in the UK.

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The work of CeLM members has contributed to debates surrounding policy and curriculum developments in the learning of foreign languages in England at primary/secondary and university level. For example, Hilary Footitt has contributed to activities to stimulate the demand for learning foreign languages in higher education initiated by bodies such as the British Academy and the Higher Education Funding Council for England. Professor Suzanne Graham is a member of the DfE Languages Expert Group that is considering foreign language curriculum changes at primary and secondary school level.

We are happy to carry out consultancy work for policy development. For further details please contact:  Professor Suzanne Graham


We frequently hold events for teachers, illustrating how the findings of our research can be implemented in the classroom. Please see the Events page. Materials that teachers may find useful can be found in the Resources section below.


A number of CeLM members have conducted research into issues of concern for teachers of foreign languages at school and university level. As a result we are able to offer research-informed consultancy to schools on a range of issues relating to the attainment in and motivation for language learning. This can be on a one-to-one basis or in the form of INSET sessions for schools or groups of schools. For further details contact: Professor Suzanne Graham

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For teachers at primary and secondary school level, resources that enable teachers to base their teaching on principles arising from our research can be found at PDC in MFL: research for language teaching blog

These resources were produced with funding support from the ESRC, and in collaboration with the University of Oxford.