Literacy in Monolingual families

CeLM is involved in a number of projects to support the acquisition of literacy and language in monolingual families. The team works to provide advice to teachers on how to develop strategies for fostering reading and language skills.

Curriculum/teaching issues

CeLM members continue to conduct research that has implications for literacy acquisition in monolingual (as well as multilingual) learners of English. For example, Professor Rhona Stainthorp and Dr Daisy Powell were involved in developing the Diagnostic Test of Word Reading Processes, a reading test that can be used by teachers to assess different processes in word reading (for more information, see GL Assessment. Jessie Ricketts and Daisy Powell also work closely with SENCOs and other teachers to advise them on how to assess literacy using reliable and valid tools. Rhona Stainthorp is working to make sure that initial teacher educators are provided with the information that they need to ensure that trainee teachers are curriculum (1)well prepared for teaching the new English curriculum.

Policy making

The work of CeLM members has informed policy in relation to the teaching of literacy. For example,  Professor Rhona Stainthorp is currently advising on the new English National Curriculum.