Working with business

The CeLM is very interested in establishing partnerships with small businesses, larger corporations, domestic and international foundations and charitable agencies that believe in and wish to contribute to the promotion and researching of literacy and multilingualism. We believe that such partnerships are beneficial in multifarious ways, benefitting society on multiple levels.

Our goal is to forge lasting and meaningful relationships with private and public sector partners to fulfil the remit of the centre and, by extension, contribute to the philanthropic and practical goals of these partners.

If you are interested in contacting CeLM about creating such a partnership please contact the centre’s director, Professor Jeanine Treffers-Daller at

seminar graduate schoolTraining/Courses

The CeLM offers training programmes and specialised courses to support PhD students and post-doctoral researcher associated with the centre.

The University of Reading Graduate School has a successful alumni network which further supports research students and staff.